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Conasaua Falls

May 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The weather lately has been kinda crazy. Either it's too sunny to get out or it is raining so hard that you would get drenched. Yesterday the forecast was calling for a good window early in the morning. This was after a rain so the water levels should have been good... well turns out it rained a lot more than expected. This meant the water levels were really high and the water muddy looking. But it was still a chance to shoot some and I wasn't going to pass it up. So a friend and I drove a little over an hour to Tellico Plains, TN and down this very rough road to Conasauga Falls (not recommended for small cars).

The hike in is very easy until you get to the falls. Then things get a little rougher as the trail is washed out and very slippery in places. But we managed to make it down to the water. Again the levels were up really high so we were mostly limited to shooting from the edge. Wasn't too happy with the main falls images I got, but lower down the creek I managed to get a nice shot of some cascades. Nearly fell several times getting to this but worth it LOL.

Conasauga Creek

On the way back we decided to shoot some macro. There were quite a few little critters to play with. Even saw a baby turtle and a snake. Though no photos of them. There were more jumping spiders than I have ever seen in one place and most did not want to cooperate of course. But found this little guy and it was curious enough to stick around for some shots.


Overall a great trip and even passed a lot of horses and wagons out for some riding on the dirt roads. Made for some interesting stuff on the drive back.


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